About Eat more beans


Eat More Beans
For Your Health.

Want to be healthy? Eating beans can help!
Beans are tasty!
Good source of protein and vitamins!

“Our body is made from what we eat”
This is why we want to provide you with this nuturicious products.

You don’t need to know how to cook them.
It’s done and ready for you.
Let’s enjoy healthy snack!



We take safety and reassurance of our product very seriously.
We only use the Non-GMO, organic, and traceability transparent materials to be used in our factory.


We use everything that Mother Nature provided us

We believe that eating the whole food that the nature provided us is important.
We utilize the whole crop and by-products.


Ready to Eat

It’s difficult to calculate calories, pack healthy snack and eat during the busy days.
We want to provide our customer with ready to eat healthy snacks.
We want to help nurture your lifestyle with our product.