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EDAMAME MIX is steamed, not boiled. Steaming makes our beans naturally flavorful and nutritious. So you can enjoy it as snack, or mixed in our salad and soup... Be creative!

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Eat More Beans For Your Health.
“You are what you eat.”
There is no wonder that beans are very healthy foods. But unfortunately, they are often provided in the state of being boiled in water. But in boiling, many nutrients are lost that is why it is not considered as healthy. The process “steaming” that we use instead, preserves the natural tastes of beans while maintaining optimal levels of nutrients. We think it is the desirable way to cook “a whole food”.

Maruyanagi Foods Inc.

Head office
Adress4-9-21 Mikage-Tsukamachi,Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo,658-0044, Japan

1951Our family company was founded in Kobe by Mr.Kazuo Yanamoto, as a food manufacturer.
1969The 2nd factory was completed in Yashiro district.
1971The 1st laboratory was completed in Kobe.
1973We were paid a courtesy as an excellent declaration corporation for the first from Ashiya tax office.
1976The 1st wholly-owned subsidiary, Seimi Co.,Ltd., was founded. The 1st merchandise order receiving system was installed. The 2nd sales office was completed in Tokyo.
1987The 3rd main factory was completed in Rokko district.
1995We were terrible damaged by the earthquake in Kobe.
1996The joint venture company was established in China.
2001The 4th main factory was completed in Daimon district.
2002Our specialty, “Steamed beans” series was developed to the world.
2006The 8th sales office was completed in Yokohama.
2008We obtained the ISO14001 certification in Daimon factory.
2010We rebuilt the headquarters office own building.
2012The 2nd wholly-owned subsidiary, Daizu-days Co.,Ltd.,was founded.
2014Our “Steamed beans” became famous on the TV or other madia. We achieved cumulative sales of “Steamed beans” number 50 million.
2015Our 1st product of organic was released. We achieved cumulative sales of “Steamed beans” number 70 million.
2016Our 1st product for the United States of America was released.